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It seems as though he doesn’t have total respect for you. He listens when HE chooses, not you. As far as listening to the announcer and picking up gaits, he is anticipating and that is most likely part of his problem. At the next show you go to, he needs to pick up when YOU ask him too, not when he wants too. Make him wait for a few seconds after the announcer asks for a gait, and then ask him. If he rushes into it then bring him back down to his previous gait until he is listening and then ask him for the gait you want. I wasn’t referring to auditing, that’s where you don’t show at all and you observe, more common in clinics, not really shows. You will have to sacrifice at LEAST one show if you want to fix his problem, because at this point it seems to be a habit for him that he’s been allowed to get away with numerous times and it won’t be fixed overnight. You have to take charge of your horse and make him respect you and listen to you rather than doing as he pleases in the show ring. EVen if he is good all day at a show except ONE class, in that one class you will need to school him, because in your other classes he has shown you that he can behave and be a good boy. Throwing away one class for a better show experience in the future is far more worth it than to be frustrated at every show with him when he acts up. It sucks to have to do that when you can’t show very often, but if you really want it to be fixed you will need to do it.