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I’ll give it a try, by putting him in an extra class in our next show (not until September) I know what auditing is, but could not think of a good word for what you did mean, because my brain is just fried. I don’t think he respects me at all – he just likes me, which isn’t at all useful. We are only doing this for “fun”, but at times it just isn’t. That’s why I only show at home – been there, done that, and it is more manual labor than I want to do. It is also possible that I am the one anticipating, and asking him to move on, because I can generally hear the judge on the walkie-talkie thing. He does his halts, backs, sidepass and figure 8 just fine – but when asked to canter he just goes too fast for me. Perhaps I am the one who needs a calming supplement? Maybe I am tensing up without realizing it, and that is why he speeds up? Because, it really isn’t ever the horse’s fault.

It is never the horse's fault