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What supplement was it that you had tried? It depends on the concentration of the dosage. The supplement from SmartPak does not make them sleepy whatsoever, it just helps take the edge off is all it does. I used it on my mare who can hardly handle a half dose of anesthesia to get her teeth floated. She almost falls over because it’s too strong for her. It takes her at least 3 hours for the medication to wear off, even with a half dose! So I think you would probably have some luck with SmartCalm and just give a half dose like I did once a day. Also with the lunging, it has to be until he is tired, not until you feel like stopping. Whether it be for a half hour or an hour, if he needs it, then he needs it. Or even try lunging him for a few hours the night before and not the morning of. That’s what I have to do with my mare. She gets lunged for about an hour the night before a show, then she gets put to bed with her dinner for the night and we get up early about 1-2 hours before the classes start to work on some showmanship or riding (depending on what classes I have that day—I go to 2-3 day shows) to see how she’s listening to me so i know how I have to ride her that day. Or maybe your gelding is just done with showing. If he is an older horse, they tend to get tired and fed up with the show ring and just don’t want to try anymore so they just do their own thing. Showing might not be for him. You have to remember, you can’t train a horse for what you want to do, you train a horse for what the horse wants to do.