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After reading through reader & your replies it seems to me ‘going back to the basics’ for both of you may be necessary. Have you ever heard of Clinton Anderson? His “method” of training works for all breeds. I have an Apopaloosa gelding who, per his pedigree, is 1/2 Appaloosa, 1/4 AQHA & 1/4 TB. He’s laid back most of the time but when the TB side shows up it can be challenging. There are times when he wants to be in the front (usually on the trail) so one of Anderson’s techiniques I employ is making him canter circles around the 1st & 2nd horses in line (both directions). Of course you need their permission but if you have friends who understand you’re schooling him it should be no problem. Make 6-8 circles around the 1st & 2nd horses then walk to the back of the line; this can be done in the arena as well. If he insistes on working his way to the front again then make him circle the first couple horses again and make him walk to the back of the line again. Do this as many times as you need to. The lesson you’re trying to teach him is; he has to work at the front and he get to rest at the back. There is no quick fix for psychological issues…you need to work with him as long as it takes. If you try to hurry you won’t like your results. Patience and consistency are your friend. Good luck and remember to breathe, your horse knows if you are tense. I’ve been riding 45+ years so I understand your need for this to happen now. However, I would recommend you take the time you need to ‘reprogram’ his psyche. Have you considered enlisting another rider to take turns teaching him this lesson?

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