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Renee – I do appreciate all the suggestions, but too many of them are just not possible in my situation to follow. If I did not know I need help, I would not have asked for it. However, it appears to me that a lot of responders either did not read or did not understand what I was asking. He’s just faster than I want him to be, and tries to pass as many horses as he can. I am not going to away shows, there is no schooling ring nor anywhere to ride while classes are being held. I am not doing dressage tests, and I always wear a helmet. I have tried calming supplements, but so far no success. He has improved immensely since I got him, but the issue seems to be only when there are “strangers” around. He doesn’t act like this during group lessons, so riding with them isn’t a help. I have come to think seriously that this is an issue of ME being too tense, and plan to take that Be-Calm stuff that was recommended and see how that works. I don’t have another show until sometime in September, so it will be a longish time before I get to try that. I have asked about riding in a class without being judged, and it is not allowed. Most of the suggestions would only be pertinent if I were showing away rather than just in our own ring.

I don’t need anyone to tell me I have an issue – that issue is why I am here. Thanks so much.

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