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Itasca – I am 66 (been riding since I was 10, probably did not explain that very well), and my trainer and I have beaten our heads against the wall over this. I even got someone else (who does eventing, hunting and extensive showing) to take him in a class, and he was worse with her than he is with me. My trainer cannot take him in a class (wish she could) because it is her farm and her shows, and she is too busy running them (need to clone her!). I do have some health issues, primarily osteoarthritis in one knee, and permanently torn ligaments in the opposite shoulder (feel and look like Igor when limping around), but am determined to ride for as long as I can. I’m starting to wonder if he makes me nervous, senses that and reacts to it. If that is the case, it will be relatively easy to fix Have to wait until our next show to see, because I do not have a trailer and cannot afford to pay to have him trailered to somewhere now that I have a second horse. I did take him to a well known dressage trainer once (lesson plus transport came to about $225), and he was an angel. His first time in an indoor, and nothing bothered him at all. He did exactly what she asked us to do, and she even invited us to come and stay for a week or two for more lessons, so he isn’t a hopeless case. He is the kind of horse that, when you fall and tear all the ligaments in your shoulder, is standing next to you, wondering why are you on the ground. My mare, on the other hand, is the type who, when you swat a fly on your arm while sleepriding, will just leave you there and pretend she doesn’t know you. They are both Arabians (I am a slow learner), but so different. She is more forward than he in general, but when asked to slow down will do so. He reminds me a lot of Sarah (if you watch the Smartpak videos). He does win a lot of his classes at our shows, I would just like him to do it more slowly (two shows this year with 3 seconds and 10 firsts). He isn’t a bad horse, just a tad fast, and wants to be in front (like men while driving).

And I do appreciate all the suggestions I have received and have tried most of them. Not just on this topic, either.

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