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Carrie – your suggestion about having someone come to the farm is good, but money is a huge factor, and that isn’t cheap either. I’ll see if I can find anyone here on the outskirts of nowhere, but the one to whom I went is the only one I know of who is reasonably nearby, and she doesn’t do that. Where I live, 30 miles is nearby. I’d really love to just have him slow down! I know we are old, but let’s get there in one piece. We do work on doing odd (to him) things, so he has to pay some attention, but the classes are just go around in a big circle, so he gets distracted and I get nervous. It’s been worse since I fell (we were cantering a figure 8, and arguing about how fast to do this; he stumbled and went down, and so did I). I mean that I have been worse – he wasn’t upset by it.

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