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Joe-Joe, I use to take in and retrain rescue horses. I found that with ones that thought they had to go fast, for often different reasons, instead of trying to slow them down, I would work them a bit harder at a faster pace. Not blindly run them till they wanted to drop by any means. If they wanted to canter around I would use that gait to work them in with lots of turns, figure eights and such. Don’t worry if they are on the right lead, they will figure out it is much easier to pick up the right lead on their own. Just make sure you dont do sudden or sharp turns that will throw them off balance and you both end up in a heap. At this point it is better to not fight with them and get them frustrated or scared. When they seem to want to slow down push a bit further. Then when you sit quite in the saddle and ask for them to come down they more than willingly will. Work easy stuff they know well at the slower pace. When they have caught their breath and relaxed for a bit ask for faster gait again and repeat. Be very clear on your ques for slowing down each time. Soon he will say “I don’t want to go fast, its too much work”. Kind of the same concept as Clinton Anderson. Doing this with as many riding friends as you can gather would help as it seems this is his trigger. Please keep it safe. If your fighting with them over the speed this is when they can get frustrated, confused, or scared and it sounds like you already experienced those results. You can fix this, good luck 🙂

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