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Rae – I have (in my far, far distant youth) used that method. However, I am now old, disabled and a nervous wreck. He has a club foot, and is a stumbler. I no longer have the confidence to do that. I do have a very skilled and courageous girl at the farm who does that with him. He does 8s, serpentines and spirals, and will even occasionally do them on the correct lead. But, I just don’t have the confidence or courage myself. He may not be really going all that fast; it is more me, and I want to go slower. Looking over the umpteen pages of this, I am now starting to see that I need what used to be called “jumping powder” (intestinal fortitude). I am apparently making him anxious, because he doesn’t know what is scaring me, and I am therefore scaring him into doing exactly what makes me antsy. The first time I got on him bareback (and I think I was the first person ever to do that), he froze and looked around on both sides to see where was his saddle. Finally, I got him to move, and he tiptoed around the ring. Now, he is more relaxed about it, and never does anything that might cause me to slither off him, but we only walk and trot so I am more relaxed. I have nightmares about a horse running away with me and I cannot stop (and have similar nightmares about cars).

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