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Hi Casey : )

Unfortunately, if the wound was deep/extensive enough and the hair follicles destroyed, the likelihood of hair regrowth is pretty nil (nothing to develop hair from if follicle is gone). Vitamin E, from a gel cap or straight E oil if you can find it (pharmacies like Rite-Aid or CVS, even Wal-Mart will have it; not sure what you have available), will keep the scar minimal and from scaling but as far as I know, won’t do anything to regrow hair.

I have used Corona ointment (for just about EVERYthing) on new wounds and have had some hair regrowth but again, it is quite possible that the wounds I addressed were not inclusive of or detrimental to the hair follicles so I can’t say for sure that this is a legitimate solution.

If it is aesthetics (show ring, other than in hand or horsemanship classes) that you are concerned with, cosmetics can cover a multitude of “sins” (offered with a huge tongue in cheek intention and more humour than as a directive) : ) It’s sorta ‘cheating’ but ohso common. Just be sure to wash it off well when done.

Scars: tattoos with better stories : )

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