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Hello Fellow Paint Owner,

I have a bald face paint with two blue eyes and pink skin AND a palomino paint with pink skin. The Cashel is my favorite fly mask however I have to use the Kensington Catch Mask with ears and long nose to keep a mask on my paints. This mask stays on and mine have lasted several seasons. I use it for flys and sun protection so my horses wear them in the winter when there is snow on the ground and when UV is moderate or higher all year. (FREE CELL PHONE AP)

In addition to a physical barrier to protect the skin please note that there are plants, that if eaten, can make your horse more sensitive to sunlight. CHECK YOUR PASTURE and Feeds, some meds can do this too so check your supplements. Consult with your local nutritionist and veterinarian. Have an extension agent in your area come out and walk the pasture with you. A horse extension person is nice but any person with knowledge in pasture forages will prove useful. (Don’t be offended by the cattle guy, forage is your horses BEST nutrition source) I’ve been using a book (Southern Forages ISBN0-9629598-6-3) that was part of a pasture course I took a few years ago. My pastures are coming along GREAT, I’m have less sun and scratches issues with my pink paints, and I’m feeding MUCH LESS hay.
AS for treating the affected area, I recommend you consult your veterinarian.
Good Luck and enjoy your Paint