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I bought an Eclipse trailer 4 years ago and have been very happy with it. It is a taller trailer with a two horse straight load and a dressing room. I did not get the aluminum floor but rather the treated lumber floor. It has the advantage that when it wears out the lumber is easily replaced and you don’t have to do the entire floor. I spent a year researching my purchase of truck and trailer. The Eclipse trailer is very well made for a reasonable price. I went to the factory in Somerset, Ohio and watched them being made. They do a great job. A bumper pull straight load is the easiest to manuver both with horses and truck. The goose neck is difficult to attach and does not manuver as easily. Just watch someone do it. It is also easier to back up. My research found that a straight load is also safer than a slant load. I also think it’s easier to load the horses too. As for what to pull with you really don’t want an SUV. They just don’t have a large enough engine to pull a trailer loaded with two horses. You can do it but the engine wears out much faster and it’s difficult to pull up hills. It’s also not as safe as a truck as it may roll more easily. As for a truck you will have to match the engine size to the size of your trailer. You will also need a cab in your truck as it will balance the trailer whereas a front seat only truck will more easily roll like an SUV. You need that weight in the truck to balance a loaded trailer. I recommend a Toytoa Tundra or a Ford F150-250 depending on weither you purchase a two or three horse trailer. The bigger the trailer the more power you need. As for gas milage forget about it! No matttter what the sticker says it won’t get what the estimated milage is on that sticker. It will be less. When you haul the trailer you will get even worse gas milage. So in summation you may want to choose your trailer first and then the truck so you will know what towing package you need. As for towing packages most dealers do have trucks with towing packages on the lots. I found that the new trucks were actually cheaper than a good used truck. For example Ford offers discounts if you belong to AQHA, are a veteran, belong to Farmers etc. These groups are easy and inexpensive to join so do that before you purchase. Hope this helps.