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Before my first horse or horse leased, I worked at a barn cleaning stalls and tack in exchange for lessons. My parents would not buy me a horse. So I ran ads everywhere, to exercise horses for people that did not have time. This was back in the 80’s ( not to give up my age or anything ) I had such a response to the ads, I had more horses to ride than time. By the time my parents realized I was very serious about horses, I did not need them to buy me one. Most people tried to give me the horses I was riding for them or gave me a portion of the horses sale. Since I was still in school and could not afford to pay for a horse on my own. My favorite horse was going to be put up for sale , the one I showed hunter / jumpers on. I was upset I loved him so much. My parents made an arrangement with his owners, behind my back,to give him to me and they would pay for his costs, What a huge surprise that was for me ! I was one happy teenager!!! I have owned a horse ever since. Yet i no longer have the energy to have more than 2 at a time. Like everyone says they are a commitment and I suggest having a “just in case” bank account. Just in case. :) and expect it to get emptied at some point in your horses lifetime.

I completely agree with having the “just in case bank account”! It WILL be emptied at some point! I would suggest continuing with your lessons and looking into shareboarding or half-leasing something (or full leasing) until you know you have the time to devote. I shareboarded two horses prior to buying my first one. When I decided to eventually put him down due to medical issues, I did buy a second one, and it happened after only two months. However, be prepared that your search for the “perfect” horse may take a long time! Like the others have said, you’ll “know” when it’s a good one for you- you’ll click. That being said, the one for you may be the first one you look at, or it may be the twentieth one. Be patient and it will come 🙂