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G&S – I agree, but still have to admit that I am feeling fairly frail, what with the osteoarthritis and the permanent damage to my shoulder (Joe Joe stumbled with me last summer, went down and I fell. He strained his fetlock and was lame for about 3 months, and I tore all the ligaments in my left shoulder). In the not too distant future, I will be needing a knee replacement, and therefore feel that I do, indeed, not have much time to be addressing the issue of my fears that he is too fast for me. I don’t have this problem with my mare, nor with any other horses; just him, and it did not start until we fell. Prior to that, I enjoyed the “battle” as to whose way we were going to do things. We were cantering a figure 8, and arguing about how fast we should do it, and we both lost.

It was a real shock to find that I no longer bounce, and I had not realized that Arabians are so much smaller than Thoroughbreds that I should have twisted in the air more quickly than I did. I had to crawl out of the ring, because I just could not get up. Then, I had to untack him, cool him out, give him his lunch, turn him out, and finally drive myself to the ER (45 miles away).

It is also (my opinion) a bit dramatic for anyone to describe him/herself as being flawless.

It is never the horse's fault