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When dealing with the horse’s eyes I err on the side of caution. The risk of losing the eye, or damaging it permanently is not worth it to me. If it was my horse, I would call my vet. You don’t know the cause and for permanent relief treatment is very different for allergies vs. infection vs. foreign object. It could be painful – and probably is if she is keeping it closed.

My mare had a bee sting over her eye last year and it swelled and even though I knew the cause, I called and confirmed with my vet that I was doing all that was necessary for her comfort and to protect the eye.

A few years back I had some new bedding delivered and it was too fine, the wind kicked up and both horses had stuff in their eyes. It had to be lavaged out by my vet and then two weeks of anti-biotics.

In both instances my vet said “You don’t mess around with eyes!” meaning you don’t play around with treatment, you need to identify the problem; the risk of losing eyesight constitutes an emergency.

Call the vet. If it is minor – that would be the good news. But if it is a major problem, you have a better chance of fixing it by catching sooner rather than later. And if your horse is in pain, you need to help her.

Good luck and do keep us posted. I really hope it is nothing serious – or that it can easily be remedied.

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