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I don’t know you guys- getting older doesn’t always limit you. My sister is 67 and still does the A/O jumpers with Margie Engke and I am 49 and am riding a spooky, green horse. Getting older doesn’t have to limit your riding but mentally will at any age.

Our bodies sure can limit us, no matter what our age. I spent almost 8 years dealing with mind numbing, debilitating back pain, and never thought I would be able to get in the saddle again. I am one of the fortunate ones, in that I actually found a doctor that understood, and more importantly, was able to correct my problem and got my life back. I know many people who are lucky to be able to manage to leave the house because of back pain and other physical health issues. It has NOTHING to do with “mentally” and everything to do with the physical. Those that have never lived with it will never understand it.