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I certainly don’t consider myself “limited” by my age. I am more aware of what my body and & can’t do, and I am probably more respectful of it than I was even 10 years ago. Unless they have secretly found a true “fountain of youth”, nobody’s body in their 60’s is as sturdy as that body was in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s. Body parts wear and sometimes wear out, hence the hip, knee, and other joint replacement industry that has sprung up in the last few years to keep older bodies functioning. I prefer to think of it as taking better care of my body and not knowingly putting it in situations where it could get damaged, just as I make an effort not to drive in the middle of a snowstorm, or a bad rain storm if I can avoid it, with my elderly car. And I am more careful of routine maintenance for the car than I was when it was newer. All considered, I’m not limited by my age, but respectful of what my older body can & cannot do comfortably. I can still do 5 loads a day with a 5 gallon back pack sprayer to kill weeds that will short out the electric fence, but I can’t do 6 or 7 like I used to be able to do comfortably. One of the few advantages of being older is that we senior citizens have a lot more life experience, which helps us to make smarter choices, so that we can do as many of the fun things (not that I consider toting a 5 gallon back pack sprayer around for 5 hours to be fun, but I do enjoy & appreciate that I can still do it) things I did without thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong 20 years ago.