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My pink nosed Paint mare sunburns SO easily and she REFUSES to keep a long nosed fly mask on. For the past 2 years I have used zinc oxide cream on a daily basis, which worked fine…despite my mare trying to rub it off on every object in the pasture. This year I found a GREAT product from a company called Nags Horse Ranch…they have a website. It is a nose shade which has a 90 UV protection. The company offers several options. They sell a one piece halter-like item, but because my mare is pasture boarded, and IT was not a breakaway, I bought just the nose shade that attaches to a regular halter. I took a nylon halter and made it into a breakaway, then attached the nose shade. My mare has not burned once this summer. I do recommend buying the nose shade with the sherpa lining. I found it causes little to no rub as a opposed to the shade without it. The only thing about the product is the inconsistency of the velcro tabs…some shades have better tabs than others( I bought 2 shades) and the chin tab never stays together on either one, which doesn’t affect whether the shade stays on, or the performance of the shade. I ended up putting Chicago screws on the lined nose shade to make sure it stayed on the halter after my mare had *help* getting it off. All in all a good product that does work to protect my mare’s nose.