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I’m sorry that you two have to go through all the trials of horseback riding and I know myself that illnesses and problems are always difficult to deal with. I myself have suffered with a debilitating disease, Lupus and all its counterparts that come with it. I have had a stroke, vasculitis issues, heart and lung issues, constant arthritis and on and on but you can’t let it get to you or you will never get out and do the things you want to do and accomplish. I used to work like a maniac but now can only do part time but my horse is my salvation and gives me the healing energies to keep going. As for my sis, I know that her hip was completely crushed in a horse accident. Freak thing that someone last control of their horse at a horse show and the animal crashed right into my sister’s horse, crushing her leg and hip. Took a long healing time. She never complains but I’m sure it must hurt and have arthritis. She’s a “Tuffy” and I admire her. Wish I could ride as well as her too! I’m still striving- she’s got almost 20 years on me!!! Lots of Laughs- good luck you guys and keep on plugging 😉