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Everyone here has made very good suggestions, especially about full seat breeches and schooling in your show clothes so they feel more natural to you. I’ve noticed that just because something fits “correctly” or “properly” when you’re standing or sitting (even on a horse) doesn’t mean it’s going to fit when you’re jumping big fences. For example, every time I was professionally fitted for a hunt coat, I was told I wear a size 10. Every time I went out to jump the big fences at shows in that size 10, I felt like I couldn’t move my arms and shoulders forward to release properly. I eventually bought a size 12 and what a world of difference! I felt like I could move and was no longer wearing a straitjacket when I’d get into two-point. So… just because someone tells you your show clothes fit correctly when you’re standing at the deli counter or on a leisurely trail ride doesn’t mean they’ll fit correctly when you’re engaged in an athletic activity such as jumping.