Reply To: Hot Arabian Mare Problems
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Hey! I’ve ridden a crazy mare and I sympathize for you but I’ve been working out a similar problem with the horse I’m training. When you pick up the trot your horse starts anticipating the canter so she gets excited and won’t listen to the rein aid. Keep calm haha switch to your seat aids deepen and slow your posts down even if she ends up in a slow jog it’s better than running. Feel free to talk to her as well (even if you get funny looks haha) when she does listen tell her how pleased you are “Pretty girl! You’re so smart”. I also find it keeps my mind clear and focused when I talk to my horse. Also switch up the exercise because she might be thinking if I canter I can just finish up my ride and go eat so throw in leg yields, loops, or something very different because then she will have to listen for your aids on what to do. If you feel like she just is not listening circle her and find a specific spot to do transitions from trot to walk and walk to trot also throw in some half circles to get her listening. Remember to breathe to keep calm and focused on her alone if you do get frustrated just take a break and clear your thoughts. Good luck and hope this helps 🙂