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Hi y’all ok first the flymask thing … Horses generally keep flymasks on. If they aren’t theres a few reasons:
1) itchy- if they arent cleaned often they sweat especially in this heat then it dries and turns to salt and it itches.
2)eyes- if they have eye buggies or fly eggs in the corners of eyes wipe the eyes thoroughly with a wet rag before putting the mask on.
3)boardem- especially if you have young or energetic horses they need something to do if they stand all day in a pen waiting for you to get off work they can be board.

And the pink nose horses…well first off the velcrow adapters wont do you need to sew the mask together. And I would get a sunscreen with the strongest power of protection…put it on in the morning make sure its waterproof and make sure you do it before the sun is out if he starts to sweat it wont stay on and yes the jean idea works just not black or white…