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Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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Both of them have had ear issues – Joe Joe had a jockey who used to twist his ears to slow him down, and Selena was ear twitched way too often. She is okay with a halter or bridle, but nothing else. He thinks hats in general are cool, probably from having been trained and raced in blinkers. However, hats are not appropriate when he is turned out. He is rarely bored, unless he is in a stall and is not eating and no one is paying attention to him, because he entertains himself. She will throw her head all over the place to avoid even having her ears touched or brushed. I got her in January, and have had him for nearly two years. He’s 24, she is 13 – both old enough to know better. Both are Arabians – he is Polish and she is Egyptian.

It is never the horse's fault