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Morning, Guys : )

We start them too young, work them incorrectly and too hard, too fast, too high, nauseum. Thank GOODness we have all these repair products…

This^ is a general statement, dripping with sarcasm. Most products, designed for horses and their comfort, have their place and work well enough when the right product is used for the right reason/diagnosis. Horses differ as much as the products do. Then there is the human interpretation and expectation…..

Stuff happens no matter how hard we try to avoid and prevent. Sometimes, we are called to go the distance and fill in the blanks. Injections are a common way, albeit quite pricey, for career horses to go since feed thrus/orals are devilishly inconsistent, in result and opinion. Joint injections are designed for repair purposes which will in turn allow some comfort thus willing mobility, which is the goal.

Arthritis is a progressive condition. It can be slowed and managed but will eventually progress thru any medication regimen. Keep her comfortable, keep her moving. With diligent care, she should be able to go back to work, albeit maybe lower levels. She is an eventer: the occasional, low pop-over will be just fine. The pain in her heart for not being able to do what she knows (on occasion and when she is up to it) and staying home will be far greater than the pain in her hocks for going out. Cold-hosing after a work can be your new best friend : D

Small consolation for you, Empaul, my Big Mare evented (novice) in her day, with arthritis and Cushings. She was happily out there, low levels, for 5 years, injected hocks 2ice/year (with no infection results), Cosequin daily with an MSM back up. She was fine. Retired because she turned 28 and I just didn’t want her out there in the stress any more ( She started late: 20 year old… what was *I* thinking?!). I wanted her retirement to at least start out with broad comfort. She is a tad weak in the back now but shows no pain, is not medicated for pain (just her arthritis and her Cushings), gets up and down with relative ease, and still rules her herd very well at 31 years old : ) Granted, she gets a daily dose of Previcox thru the summer to help combat the pain of bug-stomping..jury still out on that.. She never suffered an infection due to injections but HAS been hit with other issues that require time off and careful recovery. Not quite the same for your mare but don’t give up hope : )

You might consider adding a daily dose of MSM to your mare’s diet? It can keep the inflammation of daily wear and tear (and weather effects) down to a dull roar, allowing the injections to do their job more efficiently. Chat with your vet, see what they think?

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