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Most agree with G & S (excellent post G&S!) and JJ that you would want to go to a softer bit if not outright bitless to re-establish sensitivity, connection and cues. Restart from the bottom up. A good trainer or instructour can help with that, too. Where this is a lease, be sure to talk to the owner/s and honour their wishes for their horse or at least be willing to negotiate if you haven’t already. I do not know what is in your contract with them so can’t comment further on that..

I will only add that if dressage is your goal, along with twisted and non smooth bits being illegal, so is talking/noising(clucking, kissing, grunting and that reflexive, occasional, ohsosatisfying curse which is yellow card/elimination worthy) audibly to your horse during competition/presentation : )

Good luck with this venture, let patience rule with any new bit/process.

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