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I got this one today:

Hello, I am Browny Mattes i read your post on equestrian advert few min ago, sorry i speak but hard hearing sometimes on phone that explain the reason to my email and text messages.I will like you to reserve a full care boarding stall for 24weeks (6months) for my horse as i am relocating soon to your state.

Kindly be inform i will be making first payment for 2months board advance payment and will complete the rest payment monthly, here is my horse details as follows- NAME:Derby..Year of birth:2008..Age:7….Sex:Gelding…Height : 15.0 hands…Base Color : Chestnut….Breed:Thoroughbred….Feed: mixed grass hay,sweet feed and water 2times daily…Location: Chicago, IL…Deworming due:2nd week of every three month…..Papers:Insurance,health certificate,Neg coggins and vaccinated in June. 2015 against: rhinopnuemonitis, influenza, tetanus, Eastern and Western sleeping sickness, West Nile sleeping sickness and rabies.All papers are current and up to date… My location Browny Mattes 1019 Arbor Ct
Mount Prospect, IL 60056-4475 you can also text (224) 764-5141 sms or call (872) 222-8534.

Derby would hopefully arrive at your barn on Aug 6th He will be feed Purina brand feed round Stubbs scoop holds approximately 1.25kg of mixed hay and Purina sweet feeds but holds 1.7kg mixed grass hay,water,NO Grain and daily turnout.I would send along a blanket with a neck cover for his daily turn outs – can put him out every 2days unless -8 or colder.
He’s Good mannered and very sweet. Has been started under saddle with no problems. Up to date on everything. Very easy going and smart. Gentle and willing. Will be a very nice horse. No bad habits No cribbing, No Chewing, No windsucking. Leads loads ties bathes and stands for vet and farrier. He is very
smart and a very fast learner. He is not a spooky horse but very inquisitive. He is a smaller type and well balanced. He loads and hauls great, doesn’t become stressed. He also is easy to have shod. He loves people. I don’t have much time as am busy preparing for Doctor appointment but will have him haul down to your stable…Concerning the payment i can only send you cashiers check i would need the following details for the check to get you soon.

Full Name,
Mailing address,
Your direct telephone both home and cell,
Cost of board per month for 24weeks(6months).

kindly understand my situation and predicament with are some of the details I will need for final issuance of the check to you.The boarding start immediately you have the payment with you and it will include the hauler’s fee to be deducted and send for delivery of Derby at your barn…if you have a contract agreement you can send via email,I will print out,fill and sign contract agreement for boarding as soon as you send agree with me as i am at the hospital at moment and will undergo a surgery soon that is why i want you to get this done for me and i will appreciate that a lot… so i can have a sound surgical done.And also i will be visiting the Barn before the end of Derby’s board to ride and exercises him at your stable after i have a good and sound health.i am glad Derby will be receive in good hands within your care and i will always get intouch to know how much care he get from you till i get before the end of his board then i can decide to sign a new contract and have him board with you as for long term contract.

Once you get back to me with all the above information,I will proceed with and the check will be issued out immediately ,it will be sent to you with further instruction for haulage delivery of Derby at your stable.I’ll be glad to hear from you soon ASAP.