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That’s odd…honestly, it may now be impossible to clean because the fleece has been ruined (it sounds like the girth has been through a lot, both in the process of getting dirty and your attempts to get it clean). I suggest just buying a new girth. You might try buying a leather one and getting a fleece cover to make it more comfortable for your pony. That way, if the fleece gets ruined again, at least you won’t have to buy a new girth. No matter what, though, if you buy real fleece, I suggest ONLY cleaning it with Melp:–250-ml-1862 . This stuff is amazing, and is made for real wool, sheepskin, washable leather, etc. Typical detergents will ruin real animal products, so stick with this cleaner and you shouldn’t have a cleaning problem again. I swear by it; it’s all I use on saddle pads, etc. (I suspect that your current girth is too far gone to save it with Melp, but you could try.) Good luck!

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