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Another vote for used saddles. But new or used, do some research on saddle fitting, and don’t buy anything, new or used, that you cannot try out on the horse which you will be using the saddle on. You need to familiarize yourself with concepts like tree widths so you can eliminate saddles the are too wide or too narrow for your horse. Fitting western saddles is less complicated, but if there are new & used tack sales in your area, go and talk to people selling saddles. And ride in the saddle for at least 2 – 3 times for a reasonable length of time. Pay attention to whether the horse seems comfortable with the saddle at the beginning and end of each ride, and whether his back is touchy the next day. Try to determine whether you want to ride English or Western, and if English, do you want to trail ride, ride hunter jumper or dressage, or just pleasure ride. If you want to show, you should also take that into consideration, even if it is a first saddle.