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No Joe-Joe it’s really hard. Only my dad knows about horses and my uncle+cousin. They are also at work. My uncle is the boss and his son works with him and my dad too😞 We try to take her out but we are in a crazy situation. It would be totally different if my Benny Girl lived with us but she’s at the work yard where my uncle keeps his horses too. It sounds bad but her pen is nice and big and my uncle takes care of his horses. I go to see my Benny Girl everyday and groom her once a week sometimes more. I have been putting Corona Hoof dressing on her too. It seems to be helping with her small cracks. I know it’s not very good to moisturize your horse’s hooves but with this you just put it on the coronet band and hoof bulb. When I see something wrong with her I make sure to tell my dad so he knows what’s going on. I’m kind if making it sound crazy with his work schedule but he gets off every weekend. I want to try my hardest to take her to the arena more often.