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Telling anyone anything these days (referring to the cute) is fraught with danger. My sister majored in French, and still has an evil habit of tossing words into letters with the blithe assumption that I (with only two years) am going to know what she means. I cannot read anything she writes, no matter what language it is.

What I meant about speaking correctly (the TV was annoying me intensely at the time) was people saying various tenses of “go” when there are many, many words one can substitute for “say”. The same applies to people saying “I/she/he was like”. No, they weren’t like. It is impossible to be “like crying”, for example. Drives me insane (more of a putt, perhaps).

As to the horses – they are each individuals, and without knowing the horse in question, I find I can only answer based on my experience with my horses, which is often not at all useful to the person asking the question.

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It is never the horse's fault