Reply To: Fear of crops, whips, etc.
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Hi Joe Joe,
I had a horse one time that was literally petrified of a whip, much like you described. He actually never got over it, but I gradually incorporated it into my ride. He sometimes needed just a little push while I was riding, but I just used a lead rope on the ground. I used a small riding crop, and I would put it in my back pocket until I was on his back ready to go. Then, I would slide it out and keep it very close to his right leg near the shoulder. I tapped him so lightly while riding, he really didn’t even seem bothered by it. I was trying to cross over a creek one time, and I moved it out about 5″ from his leg and he saw it. For a second, I thought I had a reining prospect, but I immediately gave him his head by loosening the reins, and dropped the crop to eliminate the panic. After I got him calmed down, I got off, picked it back up, and we finally made it over the creek. Good luck with your mare. Hopefully, she can overcome her fear! ~ Molly