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Hi there,
I have a horse that has ALWAYS had rock solid hooves, to the point where I felt like I never had to worry about him. Well, guess what… he got a trim one day, and was lame the next. Luckily, he has recovered from his lameness, but I found an amazing farrier that specializes in natural horsemanship. He got me hooked on hoof boots. I found that the EasyBoot Glove is the strongest, best fitting boot I have ever tried. I was making my own “homemade” duct tape and baby diaper boots to help my horse with his lameness, and my farrier suggested that I put an EasyBoot on him. I almost passed out when he suggested only one! I am a type-A, everything has to be symmetrical type person, and only using one boot blew my mind, but it worked. My horse wasn’t disturbed by it, he healed properly, and now I am a firm believer in using boots. The durability was excellent, and my horse roamed the pasture with wet grass and mud. I don’t have any personal experience with Cavallo boots, but I certainly think your horse will be happy with a little extra protection on the back hooves. 🙂