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You might want to seriously consider having a good horse chiropractor check the horse out. Massage therapists are good, but if something is out of alignment, they are not trained to put it back in alignment, and without correct alignment, even daily professional massages will not solve the underlying problem. I never used to believe in chiropractors, but 2 major whiplash injuries resulted in permanent soft tissue damage, which allows my neck to lose correct alignment, which then pinches a nerve, which triggers migraines. One my neck is back in correct alignment, the migraines stop, my neck does not stiffen up, etc., etc. I know when my alignment is out, but horses just know they hurt, and they can’t tell us where. The concept that horses can go out of alignment is fairly new, but the difference in the out of alignment horse after an adjustment is down right amazing. If the mis-alignment is severe, it can take more than one treatment to gradually correct the problem, but a good horse chiropractor will only adjust that which can be safely adjusted in a single session. The longer the horse is out of alignment, the harder it is to correct because the soft tissues adjust to hold the mis-alignment in place, just as the soft tissues used to hold the correct alignment in place, so it can be less expensive to get the problem correctly sooner rather than later.