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G&S – thank you. We mostly work on that, not under saddle, but just in the barn with grooming and spending time together as our primary activity. She does come when called if she is not at the gate waiting for me, which is a huge step. It is so heartbreaking to see any animal so damaged. Not that I don’t ride her – I do, but generally at a walk so she will relax and learn that we are not in any rush to do anything. She stands quietly for me to get on her, but then starts sidepassing as soon as I am in the saddle, so some days all I do is get on and ask her to stand. She is flexible and talented, so at some point she was treated well and taught to be very responsive, but somewhere someone abused that trust. She is an outstandingly beautiful horse, but at times a nervous wreck. I hope to have enough time to make her outstanding in all facets of her life, because she has a lot of talent and when relaxed moves beautifully.

I hope I am attaching a picture of her first show (handled by my neighbor), where she won her two in-hand classes. Did not take her in any other classes, merely wanted her to be able to go in the ring and be calm about it.

It is never the horse's fault