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The farm I got them from had grain made for them.I was not told what was in it. So I only give a little bit(less than a half of a scoop) of 4 way with a joint supplement (Glucosamine ) and Horseshoer’s Secret. 1 time a day. 1 horse had a knee injury .Which has healed.So I want to try to help her maintain a healthy knee and I believe it is important to have healthy hoofs. They were in stalls and have not been out to pasture with any grass since they were tiny babies. So after we work on ground manners and do the daily grooming. I let them take a couple bites of grass but only for a minute. I will slowly allow a bit more as time goes on. If the drought ever ends I will be able to irrigate again and have grass in the pasture. So I want them to be able to handle a bit of grass during turn out time.I am just so worried about founder with the amount of exercise they were used to and the little they get now.If I rode them I would not be so worried.We just are not at that point yet . I appreciate your reply.Thanks