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Thank you very much! They get turned out but not as long as I would like them to be. They just are not comfortable yet. They first stood in the corner wide eyed. I have only had them a week . They are now slowly starting to explore the pasture. I also have a pond we go play in for a few, since it is over a 100 out lately.They love water. Like I said we are working on ground manners right now. 1 is very mouthy, in a curious way, not a mean way.Which he responds well to a firm no and a wiggle of the lead rope.The 1 with the knee injury is just a dream to handle.I see no reason to have a chain with them. The mouthy 1 is very tender footed right now and we are waiting for farrier to help him.Hoping new shoes and maybe pads will help.They do not like me on the right side of them.(if we were facing the same direction) So I spend a lot of time on that side.
That amazes me, they are in such good shape, muscles wise. I honestly thought they were ridden a lot more than that.
I guess I am overly concerned. I lost my last ottb last Christmas. He was a hard keeper. I had new neighbors move in and they fed him without my knowledge, because “he looked hungry” Anyway several colics and a severe founder, an insulin issue etc etc. I was dumbfounded as to what was going on with him. I will carry that guilt forever. It took security cameras to learn what was going on. They fed him everything he was not supposed to have and in large amounts. He became a dangerous horse to be around.It broke my heart and the guilt weighs heavy on me.It never occurred to me someone was feeding him. That is something you just do not do unless asked to. I have since fenced my pasture so they can not throw feed on my property that the horses can get.We also had a face to face chat and they agreed not to feed unless asked to do so. They had good intentions just horrible results from them.So I think maybe I am scared because of that.
I love the new horses already they have won my heart and they deserve to be treated and taken care of the best I can.Thanks so much for your response, I do feel a lot better about the feedings and can stop holding my breath about it 🙂 Thank you for the insight into the racehorse. You have taught me some things I did not know.