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I have been barefoot now for 5 years. Two of the best things you can do to make this a successful transition are to 1, buy a rasp, and 2 have your farrier teach you how to maintain your hoof in between trims. It is imperative that you know how to round your hoof walls (mustang roll).I assume you are going to have your horse trimmed every 6ish weeks. That’s not going to be enough. Plan on rounding out your hoof walls every two weeks, or more depending on growth of the hoof wall. As soon as you start to see chipping you need to round your walls! If you wait for the farrier to come your chipping may have gone out of control and lead to cracks (not good). Don’t worry rounding off your walls will be quick, it’s not hard at all! I use a Heller Red Tang rasp and it is great for year around usage. Keep in mind a full transition from shoes to barefoot could take a year, so don’t give up if after 6 months your feet aren’t ideal, they will get there. After you do go full barefoot you should be able to do some light riding for the first few weeks, but keep in mind the hoof is going to change fast! After that you can increase activity, but use your best judgment. Most people I know try barefoot, but then quit. They quit because they don’t LEARN how to round out the hoof, thus their feet go bad fast.DO NOT go barefoot unless you are willing to take part in hoof maintenance, unless of course you can afford a farrier every two weeks to do minimal work. Also just so you don’t have any false expectations,there will be set backs, just don’t give up. You cant undo a lifetimes worth of damage and not have set backs. GOOD LUCK, you are going to be very happy about your decision in a year!