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My previous BO is a trainer, and he is amazing, I would love to send my horse to him (wishing I would have had him do it when I was boarding there…) but I’m not sure if he does training in the winter because he doesn’t have in indoor, which is why I moved. If he can, though, and I decide to, will that even make a difference if after he gets out of training, I’ll still only be able to ride him twice a week?

I hate to ask this, I sound so selfish, but… Next year I will be down where I board him full time at college, therefore able to ride him 6 days a week, if I wait until then to really push his training to the next level, will it end up just causing more problems? I’ll still train him when I do ride him and won’t let him get away with what he’s doing, but will riding twice a week cause us not to make any progress? Will it make things worse? Or will it be okay to just do that for a year until I can be with him full time?
I want what’s best for him, but I also can’t bear the thought of parting with him all because I live in a stupid town with no boarding facilities and it’s too expensive to build an indoor on our property, therefore forcing me to drive 40 minutes to get to him.

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