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Reply To: Am I giving up, or making a smart choice?

wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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It sounds like you have decided to stick with him-& I think that is great! If you are not in any hurry to have him ready for a specific event, then take your time, especially since you do feel a connection with him. You’ve only had him 3 months-that really isn’t very long. I think you are on the right track having him checked (or perhaps re-checked?) by your vet. I stuck it out with my OTTB mare, & after many tears & frustration & scary rides, she & I have a connection & trust that I haven’t had with any previous horse. I think previous posters have given you lots of good advice; check saddle fit, check for pain, take it slow, & what Huckleberry said re: the Parelli’s…. :) Good Luck & don’t be so hard on yourself! :)

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