Reply To: Am I giving up, or making a smart choice?

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What does he do on the days when you don’t ride? Is he in a stall or a large outside pen? Does he go on turnout? You don’t want to blow his mind with over-working him right now with his twice a week rides, but if you wait until next year (are we talking next summer-Mayish? Or September?) are you willing to back off & bring him along slowly? (perhaps just trail ride with him now, & then start the arena work next year?) I don’t think it is fair to him to only see/ride him 2x a week now, & then really push him starting next summer/fall. You will have to ease into those 5-6 day a week rides-not to say you still can’t do anything 5-6 days a week to start. On the other hand-perhaps he is the type of horse that would do well in that scenario-& he will be a year older then & perhaps ‘blowing his brain’ won’t be an issue. I personally think, if you can afford it, do what you are doing, take it slow, & then see what next year holds. I am not one that believes in the 30 or 60 day fix—slow is ok—I am sure others will disagree with me. I don’t think you are kidding yourself. You obviously wuv him & really want to give this a go. I stay stick it out–just my humble opinion. 🙂