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Thank you! 🙂 I’m not following a specific person really, but my BO and trainer, who was trained by my BO, do follow a lot of Parelli methods and I’ve learned everything I know about horsemanship from them, but overall it’s just sort of common sense horsemanship. I’ve been working on getting him to give his head to me, and when he does, I immediately release, and he was responding really well to that, and he still does, so when I go into that corner, before we get to corner or gate, I ask for his nose and for him to come to me and pay attention, but he won’t do it, so I just hold his nose out there and push him with my outside leg until he finally gives in, and the second he does and turns the way I want to go, I release him. But that isn’t doing anything… So yesterday I did start working him in circles every time he went to the gate or corner (well, I’ve done this about 2 other times, but we’re in a new arena now), and he caught on quicker, but yeah. I’m only able to work him twice a week, is this enough to break him of the habit?
Oh and to answer your question, no he doesn’t buck when I ask him to move away, he absolutely will not buck with me on him, but he just doesn’t move. No matter how much I kick or pull him the other way, he just won’t move. Eventually I get him to, after a few smashed knees into the rail (mine, not his), but yeah.
I’ll keep making him work when he does this, though and see if it helps.
The thing is though, I don’t know how to do any other type of riding. I don’t have a clue about doing anything with cows, and I’ve only ever done jumping. I think he might actually like reining, so I’m kicking myself for not asking my trainer to teach me reining like I wanted to a while ago because now I’m at a different barn, but I don’t know how to do it, and I’m not sure if he could actually do it because he’s about 16.1 or 16.2, and has really long and lanky legs that he hasn’t gotten quite accustomed to I don’t think because he can be pretty clumsy. So I’m not sure what to do with him? I guess I could try barrel racing or something, because he loves to just run, but I don’t know. My trainer told me this guy was going to test my creativity haha.
I’m worried though that only being able to work him twice a week will just get me nowhere. He learns so fast, but yeah. Next year I’ll be able to work him every day if I wanted to, but for now I can’t… aaagghhh…