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Oh no of course not I won’t do that to him next year, I’ll definitely take it slow because that is definitely what he needs and I’m more than willing to bring him back slowly. In the summer (end of June) I plan to increase to (or at least try) to 4 days a week slowly, and then 5-6 days starting mid-september. But for now twice a week is going to have to work unless I can figure out how to juggle excessive amounts of school (taking junior and senior year at once) and get a job, and find the time to ride.

He is in a fairly large pen 24/7 so he has room to run around and whatnot. He really isn’t that hyper of a horse, to be honest. He’d rather stand around and eat weeds all day I think.

You know, you might be right. He was untouched as far as riding goes until around January of this year, maybe I am “blowing his brain” even right now. He just doesn’t act his age, he acts much older so sometimes I forget he doesn’t have much experience, and maybe I am pushing him too hard even right now, maybe he would do best taking a yearish off of serious arena work and just stick to trails and casual riding?