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I agree with everyone that stated that ruling out pain is the first step. I had a young mare that I was super excited to take and train. She had been broke, but nobody could stay on and ride her. She was 3. When I got her, I started her with ground work and took my time. Long story short, she was great until she was bad. I was always so happy when I got her to a certain point then she would rear, run sideways, and totally avoid riding some days. I was beyond exhausted trying to keep her going forward in training. She was so sweet on the ground and great some days and bad others. We had her teeth checked, saddle fitted, and etc. We thought it was a hormonal imbalance, she went on Regumate. It worked until it didn’t. Finally, we x-rayed her back on a whim to find that she had 2 vertebrae that hit each other standing still, who knows what they did under saddle. I find that most training issues resort back to a problem with being in pain. Good luck 🙂