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This sounds a lot like my life when I first got Jennie. I wanted to do jumping and all that English stuff and then about a year into our riding she started doing what your horse is doing! I was mad and upset and confused about what to do. Anyway, just recently, (yes it’s taken me this long) I was watching Parelli, and they we’re talking about the horse. What does he like to do? And he was talking about all the problems I had been experiencing. So what really shook me was the idea of letting your horse chose what he’d like to do. I was like no way, how stupid, I’m the leader and I decide. But…I was wrong.

All I knew was English (like you) but I started looking western riding. It was hard to switch to western, being an English lover (dressage was out next goal, and now I’m thinking about racing after cows??) but Jennie loved it. I was experiencing a part of Jennie I had never known before. And slowly I began to love western riding. (it begins to grow on you!) So after finding what Jennie liked, it was like starting a whole new relationship with her!

Yeah, I still miss English. I sigh every time I see jumps set up in an arena or a dressage horse gracefully moving around the arena doing perfect moves, counting the strides to the jumps, Ahhh. ๐Ÿ™‚ But knowing now that Jennie is happy, and enjoying every moment of our time together it just fills my heart to the brim!! And riding western isn’t that hard! And by the way, it’s great to go from English to western because you have perfect form and that is helpful in all riding sports! And running barrels is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Anyway, I hope you and your horse find that perfect something (and remember you might just like what he picks out!!) and keep me updated too!

P.s I do trick training and at liberty ground work when I can’t ride, and Jennie loves that a lot too!! Good luck and don’t give up!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry that was long :p

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