Reply To: Am I giving up, or making a smart choice?

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in my 40 some years of horses, many breeds, many displines, showing and trail riding, ect.. i have found we purchase horses for many different reasons.. we may buy a horse for a certain displine and that particular equine may end up not working out for that.. first thing a physical checkup might need to be done.. pain, saddle discomfort, ect. can cause many, many habits to start, or make a other wise great horse seem aggervated, mean, or just a pain in the butt, and then the rider gets frustrated.. ive seen it more than once, and it doesnt have to be a horse with age on him or her to show signs such as this, next the horse may just be trying to tell u something.. this is not what im cut out for, he may be frustrated, aggervated and just not cut out for jumping ect… i have a wonderful tennessee walker who is just awsome under saddle, as long as u stay out of the showring or constant ring work training, he hates it!, he acts up, does everything naughty he can, and hes was always in the first two placings regardless, he had everything he needed to excel, but the heart, i can take him and climb the highest mts, the most demanding grounds out trailriding and he gives me everything hes got amd more.. he to is a very smart fella.. more than most ive trained.. i coach youngsters in jumping, and dressage.. as well as contesting, english, western, showmanship, ect.. each horse is made for something, but not always what we think or want them for.. listen to your partner… sometimes we forget to.. good luck, and god bless… 🙂