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Wow, thanks for all of the replies! It is nice to hear from everyone.

As for the ADS rules, I really don’t mind. I have never shown in an ADS show anyway so no big deal. If I decide to go to one of the local open shows and they don’t like the bitless bridle then I will just go home.

I appreciate the opinion, however I have been behind a runaway driving horse (with a bit!) and that did not stop him. Driving itself is one of the most dangerous things you can do with your horse. Whether you have a bit or not a lot of bad things can happen.

I’m mainly wanting to drive around the property where I board and go on some trails with him. I have been driving him in a halter (with an old set of blinders attached) and he has been doing very well with that. I ordered an actual bitless bridle so that when we go “out and about” I will have some more precision and control. 🙂

Oh, and I saw someone mention earlier about transitioning him to the bitless bridle by doing a lot of ridden work first. This is a good idea under any other circumstances, but I think I forgot to mention my driving horse is actually a miniature horse. We will be doing a lot of ground driving to get him used to it.

Thanks for all the support and opinions! 😀