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I’ve ridden my own horses bitless for a few years now. I used to use a mechanical hackamore years ago but as previously mentioned it doesn’t work with direct rein. I found the Dr. Cook’s version to put the horse in a bit too much of a headlock with direct contact though it’s fine for neck reining. I prefer a well fitted sidepull that doesn’t go over the eye. The Billy Royal flat noseband from Schneiders runs large but is a good buy, or try Moss Bay for a custom one. You might also want to look at the Lightrider from Australia. They are nicely made and offer more precise contact than sidepulls.

If your horse is going to run off with you, no bit will stop him/her. I do find that it’s tough to get a well trained, bitted horse used to working in a bitless. It just takes time, though. Good luck!

Bitless, barefoot and booted