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If you want to try it, I say go for it. I doubt you will cause a wreck simply because you don’t drive with a bit. I agree with sarahsue, why be in their mouths if you don’t have to be. Through talking with others in the horse world and doing research and such, I have found many stories of success switching to bitless. People say their horses are happier and are more willing to work.

This summer I started retraining a 16 yr old former cart racer who has had many years of work free retirement to jump. I don’t think she has had any formal training to do bitless, but that is how we ride. I haven’t had big problems with her, just the expected refusals and trying to run around jumps. She slows down, stops and turns just fine. It is a unique experience to go from riding in a bit to riding bitless. She is the second horse I have gone bitless with, and I am in love with it. My green horse was broke bitless and I think that is how he will be finished. He has a lot of spunk but has not been any trouble to control.