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I have been bitless with my Arab since he was broke 20+ years ago. His canine’s came in too far back in his jawline, and caused him extreme pain when wearing a bit. I first started him with a bosal, then just riding him with a halter, but when they came out with a bitless bridle, I went ahead and purchased one and he’s been wearing it ever since. We do it all, trail riding, gymkhana, everything. The only thing we are unable to compete in successfully is western/english pleasure because the rule book states that horses must wear a bit, so the judges mark him down considerably. I am currently breaking my 2 1/2 year old TB, and while I’m teaching him to wear a bit so that we can perform in all disciplines, when we go to endurance and trail rides, I will be riding him bitless. There is absolutely no reason why a bit is necessary if the horse is well trained.