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you can also try homeopathic for you guy.
My one boy is 18, severe arthritis, ring bone, bone spurs, stifle issues. I had him on Previcox, but that was getting WAY to expensive for me, it worked, don’t get me wrong. But I was told that after a year of using it you should get their liver/kidney’s tested. He was also on smarpak rehab.
so anyway, I was looking into alternatives and started thinking out of the box..way out of the box for some people. I started looking for animal communicators. Just so I would know if what I was currently doing was working for him, or if I should go with my gut and try something different.
So I found one, she talked to him(she was in a different state), told me some stuff about him, narked my mom out(that’s how we knew she was legit), and gave me some remedies to try.
I started out with 4 different types and went down to 3. 2 everyday and 3 every 7th day. We did this for 3 months, took a break for 3 months and did it again for another 3 months and now we’re done for about 7 more months.
It did great. he’s no longer on his pills or supplement. Every now and then he’s a little sore, but NOTHING like he was before.
So that’s always an idea for you. Natural sometimes is better. =)

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